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Brick Wizard is an arcade style Arkanoid where you control a hero. With the help of his magic shield and powerful spells you're out to rescue the fairies of the Kingdom of the Ancients. This will require breaking hundreds of colored bricks and ending up with lots of enemies.

Game systems of Brick Wizard are very similar to 'Arkanoid' and other titles of the same style. Your objective in each level is to use the ball to destroy any bricks, while breaking crystals where fairies are enclosed, and destroying your enemies. Hitting the ball means you'll have to move our hero about towards the bottom of your screen.

The more colored bricks you destroy with just one release, the more points you'll get. Sometimes, in addition, you use spells to allow to turn your ball into a fireball that crosses bricks, or create more balls simultaneously. Just be careful when throwing our last ball, because your hero loses health points.

Brick Wizard is a fun and original title that combines the mechanics of a major classic like 'Arkanoid' with elements of puzzles and RPGs. All in all, we're looking at yet another addictingly good King release with the usual outstanding visuals and excellent soundtrack.

Android 3.0 or higher required

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